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A bit about me...

I'm Arizona and this is my trusty sidekick, Chilli!

I am an artist, specialising in abstract nudes. My mission is to promote body confidence in everyone and bring out your 'inner Beyoncé' through the power of art! 

photo 24-02-2021, 09 50 26.jpg


There are currently three options for purchasing art from me: an existing original, a bespoke commission, pr a print. Each option is explained below.


An original is an actual painting of my own creation - it will be one of a kind. Currently all of my original paintings for sale are painted on acrylic painting paper, making them very easy to frame. I currently do not paint on canvas.


A bespoke commission is a piece of art designed specifically for you. I will work with you to create a piece to suit your taste or compliment your home interior. I currently offer commissions of nudes, some animals and my new Abstract Earth collection.

With nudes, the piece can be based on an existing pose or colour scheme in my gallery or we can create something completely new using colours of your choice and your own photograph as a reference image. Any photographs sent to me will be for my eyes only – I do, however, paint in my home so anyone accessing the house may see the painting but never the photograph on which it is based. Any artwork displayed on my website or social media will be done so only with the permission of the client. 


A print is a high quality print of a High Resolution photograph of one of my paintings. It will be printed on 250gsm paper with a matte finish to reduce shine and reflection, making them ideal for displaying in artificially lit rooms. I will only print 100 of any design and each will be individually signed and numbered. Any prints made of bespoke commissions will be done so only with the permission of the client.