I launched Art by Arizona Blue in 2020 after an Instagram painting tutorial reignited my love of art.

I have been surrounded by art throughout my life. My Dad (David Carr) is an artist and he introduced me to oil painting at the age of four…my style was a little more abstract back then, to say the least, and featured mainly Princesses and rainbows! I continued pursuing my love of art throughout my school years but eventually, when the time came to leave home for University, I waved goodbye to art for what I thought would be forever. I left my hometown, “the tiny town of Chester-le-Street” as we were once referred to on the news, to move to the big city…not quite London but some would say the next best thing, Birmingham!

Fast forward seven years and here I am. But now, instead of painting Princesses and rainbows, I paint Queens in rainbow colours…and the occasional King! I love painting nudes! The capability of the human body never fails to amaze me; I firmly believe all bodies are worth celebrating and I do that through my art.

I have also recently expanded my repertoire to include animals and maps (read about my "Abstract Earth" collection)...and there's something else exciting and new coming towards the end of the year, so watch this space!