In April, I teamed up with Juliette, the artist behind Linear Bodies, to bring you the ultimate COLLAB COMPETITION! 

Instead of a bog-standard giveaway, we thought we’d mix things up, get your artistic juices flowing and fill our Instagram with beautiful bodies! 

In this epic competition, we challenged contestants to recreate one of our nude designs using the templates provided, in their own unique style! Whether that be painting, sketching, or even digital.

We received so many entries from across the globe, and after much deliberation, we decided on three winners!

Congratulations to our lucky winners, from South Africa, Slovenia and Oxford, England!





In March, Arizona collaborated with Jessica Logan, the founder of Making the Invisible Visible, to support her cause to raise awareness of invisible illness and disabilities and to highlight the importance of body representation in art.

The painting, based on the founder herself, features an abstract nude with sunflowers representing invisible illness and a petal in place of Jessica's ostomy scar - a comment on the beauty of scars and the strength they represent. Sunflowers are often used to symbolise invisible illness, and also happen to be Jessica's favourite flower!

"Even on the darkest days, I will stand tall and find the sunlight"

To find out more about the Making the Invisible Visible cause and the work they do for people with hidden illnesses or disabilities, visit their site by clicking the link below.

photo 26-03-2021, 17 53 54.jpg


March 10th, 2021

On 8th March, Arizona held an Instagram Giveaway, encouraging participants - male and female - to nominate an inspiring woman in their life, for the chance for both to win a bespoke piece of original art, in aid of International Women's Day.

The lucky winner, Mya Portas, wrote this nomination for her Mum:

"I would like to nominate my Mum for International Women's Day as she is the strongest woman I know. Of course you will think, 'ooh everyone says that,' but it has nearly been 2 years since her fiancé and the father of her youngest child passed away to cancer, and she has had two other close people sadly go to heaven since. My Mum is a strong single Mum who has raised 3 kids on her own as well as be a carer to the people who need it - and a damn good one too. With everything she has been through, she still brings a big smile to our family ❤️ ❤️ "



February 28th 2021

Britain Uncovered interviewed Arizona for their Body Positivity website in February. You can read the full interview below!